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Halepohaku Series
Landscapes in oils by Mark Kelliher

In the artists own words:
In my journeys, maybe more so in natural settings, like many of us I have come face to face with some thing powerful. Some thing that made me stop and ponder. Some thing that caught my breath for just a second. In that moment my body records a feeling of awe; a transcendence or maybe a connectedness to some thing greater. In an empty and desperate gesture I may take a photograph. The photo does capture a geometry that we all can agree upon. We say “I know this place. Something happens here.” In my studio I try with utmost sincerity, through the manipulation of color, texture, and expression of brushstroke to fill in the “something”, the energetic fact that my body recorded and the camera did not. The places depicted in this series are dear to my heart. They are icons, milestones, reference points in my life. .The feeling of awe that emanates from there are carried with them in my memory. My renderings of these places attempt to capture the complete experience. To keep it alive and offer it again and again. These renderings must shimmer with the same potency and life as my memories do and they must awaken a sense of awe if they are in any way to remind us of the spectacle that is life.

Mark Kelliher

Mark Kelliher—Life time artist
mostly self taught, lived on Maui for 34yrs.
Presently lives in Kanaio, Maui


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